Columbus STS - March 28, 2020

Columbus' Herbalife Leadership

Tab and President's Team

Columbus STs venue

Greater Columbus Convention Center

400 N High St

Columbus, OH 43215

Register for the COLUMBUS STS

Early-bird ticket sales ($25) for the next STS are available only on the day of the event until midnight.  ​Online general ticket sales ($30) are available from midnight the day of the event until Friday night at 7:00 pm on the week of the event.

First-time guests of Distributors (that are not yet in Herbalife as a Distributor) and Preferred Members do not need to register and can simply show up the day of the event, however Preferred Members will need to convert to a Distributor to return to the next event.  Attendees of the Body Transformation Challenge payout that are only attending because of the possibility of placing do not need to register for the STS and will be free of charge every time they attend.


Make sure you are buying the right ticket for your event and the right number of ticket(s). No exceptions!



8:15 AM  Speakers Meeting

9:00 AM  Leadership Section: Supervisors and Above (Doors close at 9:05 AM until 10:00 AM)

10:00 AM  Herbalife Opportunity Meeting and Product Training (Free for Guests)

12:00 PM  Lunch

12:30 PM - 4:00 PM  Herbalife Distributor Training (Must be a Distributor to attend) 

Guests and/or Preferred Member can stay for this section once, then must become a Distributor to return and stay for this section again


VIP Qualifications for Columbus STS


Special recognition from stage, plus first row, main audience seating near VIP (in front of the stage)


Sit alongside the President's Team in VIP area directly in front of the stage! You will also receive special recognition from stage PLUS enjoy Herbalife Tea, Aloe, Lift Off, and Protein Bars ALL DAY LONG!!!

Documented volume points must be from the previous month

Submission Deadline: 7:00 PM on Friday night before the STS event date