Join us at the September 12 ohio sts! 

Greater Columbus Convention Center

400 N. High Street

Columbus, OH 43215

Meetings held in Ballroom 5

Check the Resources page for location, parking, and amenity details!


Dan Hayes

Millionaire Team 7500

Dan and Leeah Hayes were both working full time jobs when they found Herbalife. As customers, they began to get great health results and saw amazing results in their family and friends. A need to have the ability to spend more time with their 3 children prompted Dan to leave his corporate job to pursue a full-time Herbalife business in Aug. 2009. Using a consistent approach of new client and center of influence invitations, they have been able to sponsor a team of people that are passionate about the Herbalife products and future for great health in their city and worldwide. Currently Dan and Leeah are both full-time in the business and completely into the products.

In May 2011, with their combined efforts, they achieved Millionaire Team members and have since averaged over $10,000 per month. "We are blessed to be a part of such a great company, and happy to change lives
around the world." 

The incomes presented are those of persons within the top 1% of Herbalife Members. For additional financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation paid by Herbalife at and

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September 12 Tickets


  • $25 on August 15
  • $30 from August 16 to September 9 at Noon (12:00pm)
  • $40 on September 12 at the door

* Tickets are not available for purchase from Noon on the Wednesday leading up to the event for planning purposes.

STS Agenda

  • 9:00am-10:00am - Supervisor "School" Training
  • 10:10am-11:00am - Herbalife Opportunity Meeting
  • 11:10am-4:30pm - Herbalife Member Training

*Meet the guest speaker*

Friday night at 7:00pm before the STS

The Gallerie Bar located in The Hilton Downtown Columbus

what to bring (& not to bring)


  • At least ONE friend
  • Pen and notebook
  • Shaker cup for tea and shake


  • Coolers
  • Outside food - we have healthy options for you! Click logo below to view Concessions menu

  • Per Herbalife Corporate policy, children under 14 unless nursing infants​


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